The One With The Book Every Girl Should Read

It’s not a secret that the role of women is changing in our society.  It’s also not a secret that the role of women has been constantly changing since the beginning of time.  As a “millennial” I have always struggled with finding my place in the world.  What type of girl am I supposed to be? Strong? Smart? Funny? Pretty? Being a girl has become an endless maze that has no end.  The one thing that can help one cope with such a daunting life sentence is camaraderie.  Finding someone who gets it, and no gets it better than Gloria Steinem.  In My Life on the Road, Gloria teaches us all how to deal with the task of being a strong, self-sufficient woman.  She is absolutely amazing and unabashedly honest.  They things I’ve learned from this book are things that I’ll pass on to every single person I meet (if they’ll listen).  Gloria is like you cool aunt how has amazing adventures and always provides you with the profound advice that you need.  This book is absolutely perfect, from dedication to end, and I hope that it brings others the same joy it brought me. Thank you Gloria for teaching me that the path will not always be easy, but the journey will always be an adventure.  makers-women-who-make-america-gloria-steinem


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