The one where I thank my Christmas Tree…

I have always been the type of person that wants to skip Thanksgiving, for the sole reason of putting up my Christmas tree earlier. This year I have been feeling a little down around which is a rare and unwelcome feeling.  Today that feeling changed, and it was thanks to a simple little plant.  There is something about a Christmas tree that just makes you feel better.  I honestly believe that a person cannot be angry when looking at them. (someone should conduct a study) The lights and the ornaments have a way to welcoming feelings of renewal and nostalgia.  The tree represents all of the new memories that will be made this year.  The ornaments represent the feelings and traditions of days past.  It always takes me double the amount of time to place the ornaments on the tree.  This is because my mother and I sit and talk about the history of each ornament.  We talk about where it came from, who gave it to us, and why do we love it so much.  So this holiday season I am going to thank my Christmas Tree. Not because I really like foliage, but because I really like what it represents.  Christmas trees represent the best part of the best time of year, and that is something that deserves thanks.  MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

XOXO, Alaina


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